Leadenham Christmas Market

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Artisan Information

£45.00 for the day.

Artisan Information & Application

Thank you for taking an interest in being an artisan at the Leadenham Christmas Market.


Please would all artisans who would like to be a part of this event complete the registration and application process here. 


Those of you who have previously registered yourselves as users and registered your businesses will be able to proceed straight to event application with a single click. For everyone else, there is guidance below.


If you are serving food for consumption on site, you are not an “Artisan”, for the purposes of booking; you are an “Event Caterer”, so please return to the event page and click the Event Caterer “Details” button.



Event Rules:

1.   The event will be outside, with some hard standing in the stables quad and some on grass; a list of who is located in which area will be circulated nearer the event.

2.   Stallholders are responsible for bringing everything they need including tables, gazebos (with pegs or weights, as needed) and power sources.

3.   The site has been known to get windy! Please bring heavy duty storm bracing, whether you are on grass or hard standing. Stakes are better than pegs.

4.   If an individual stall requires power this must be agreed and a £10 fee paid for setup in advance as it will affect where your pitch will be located.

5.   Access for setting up is from 8am on the day

6.   Vehicles must be removed from the site to the parking areas by 10am when the event starts and no further vehicular access will be permitted until 4pm. A map detailing parking areas and access plans will be posted below nearer the time.

7.   Please get anyone you have brought with you to help on your stall to register and book in as a visitor in case test and trace is called into service.

8.   Stallholders must take everything they brought with them including all rubbish away at the end of the event.

9.   Please share, broadcast and spread word of the event as much as possible beforehand!





For those who haven’t yet registered:


There is a three step process of 1. User Registration (you) 2. Business Registration (your business) → 3. Event Application (one-click).

The links at the bottom of the page will guide you through the process. Once you have completed personal registration and business registration, these will give you permanent accounts which will enable you to track all your dealings with and through Leadenham Estate as well as controlling the data we hold for you.


These accounts will enable you to reserve stalls by the day or week in the permanent artisan market coming to Leadenham in 2022 and to advertise and sell your business and products through our virtual online artisan market platform, also in the pipeline.


Once you have completed the application process including payment, your business will appear on the public event page roster and site map, linked to your customisable business profile page with connections to your own website and social media.


During the registration process you will be asked to upload your public liability insurance (and food safety where relevant) certificate. You will also be invited to tell us about your business and provide links to your websites and social media, which we will need in order to consider your applications for events. Your certificates will be verified before your business registration is approved. Your business description and links will be used to populate your automatically generated public business profile page, which you will then be able to customise.

When your business registration is approved you will be sent an email informing you that you can proceed to apply for the event, which is one click on this page where the button will be available for you if you are logged in and approved.

Your application to the event itself will then also need to be approved and then an email will be sent to you informing you that you can proceed to payment of your pitch fee, for which the button will be waiting back on this page again for you to do so. On payment of the pitch fee, your business will appear on the event roster.


Thank you for enduring this process and look forward to seeing you at our events!

Event Details

Sunday 28th November 2021

Attend as Artisan

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