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Free for the day.

Thank you for taking part in the Day of Lincolnshire Folk and bringing your talents as artist and performer. Your contribution is what makes this day possible. You will have already been organised by Tom Lane and the volunteer committee, however your registration on this site is very much appreciated firstly so that we can keep visitors informed and connected with this artistic community event and secondly as a management tool to help us organise.

Registration will automatically generate your own page on this site with links to any sites or social media of your own that you have provided during registration so that people visiting the event site can find out more about you. You will also be able to sell your own CDs and merchandise via your page on this site if you would like to do so. After registering it important that you book onto the event itself, which will automatically add you to the roster on the main event page.

You can change, edit, update, add to, delete from, delete completely your account and registered information at any time and for GDPR purposes, this will automatically be reflected in the information we hold for you, which you will be able to review and control.

Below you will find a map of the event showing both how it will work on the day and arrangements for parking and overnight staying. We very much look forward to seeing you on the day. My telephone number should you have any trouble finding your overnight parking at the Leadenham House stables is 07810825697. My email address is [email protected]. There will be free electrical hook-ups available however best to let me know in advance if you need one.

Best wishes, William

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Sunday 1st August 2021

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