Covid-19 Safety & Regulations

We are working closely with the Environmental Health Department to ensure that our events are as Covid-safe as possible. This means not only obeying the laws and government guidance that are in place at the time, but also taking any additional measures that can increase that safety.

All events at Leadenham House are now pre-ticketed, so that we can control the flow of people through them and ensure that social distancing can be maintained. Tickets for your chosen event will be available at This will also act as the test and trace system, so you will be asked for a name and contact method for each person attending.

All details entered will be retained for 21 days as per the Test and Trace practice and then deleted, unless you have specified on your form that you wish to be kept informed of events at Leadenham Estate via those details.

Events such as the Christmas Market are entirely outside and spread over five acres of grounds at Leadenham House. This means that once through the gates, where tickets will be checked, you will be able to spread out and maintain your distance from other visitors. On booking you will have been asked to specify an arrival time window. These time windows will be available in limited numbers in order to control the number of people arriving at any one time and prevent unmanageable queues for social distancing purposes.

If you turn up without having booked a ticket you may be allowed in after completing Test and Trace requirements if the time window is undersubscribed, but your entry can not be guaranteed and you may be turned away. Once in the event you will be able to stay for as long as you want until the event closes.

There will also be a test and trace QR code displayed at the entrance to and around the site, which all visitors are encouraged to scan with their NHS Test and Trace app for a more active and efficient engagement with the system.

At events such as the Christmas Market, stalls will be spaced to that groups can maintain their distance easily with ample queuing space around each one.

There will be hand sanitizer stations at entrances and dotted strategically around the site, including outside lavatories, so you will be able to ensure you are clean both before and after touching any door handles.

Although the event is outside, all visitors are asked to wear masks when they are within a few meters of people not in their group, for example when queuing, browsing or buying at a market stall.

The Rule of Six is currently in operation, meaning that groups can be a maximum of six people including members of no more than two households.

There will be signage around the event to remind visitors of their duties in the interests of Covid-safety; please pay attention to them as well as being aware of up to date laws and guidance.

Tickets to events such as the Christmas Market are only required for Covid-safety purposes and are free, however for any events that have a ticket price, all payments are refundable in the event of cancellation due to changing Covid-19 regulations.